Dine Menu

Murgh Malai Kebab £4.90
Succulent pieces of grilled chicken
marinated in yoghurt, cream
and cheese
Koleji £4.50
Chicken liver simmered gently with an
array of Indian spices
Deep Fried Mozzarella (V) £5.50
Deep fried mozzarella with mild spices
and breadcrumbs
Crab Cake £6.50
Crab marinated with fresh ginger,
coriander and red chilli flakes with
fresh cream and cheese, served with
tamarind sauce
Adraki Champen £5.50
Tender lamb chop marinated with fresh
ginger and tandoori spices
Salmon Kebab £5.90
Home smoked tandoori salmon flavoured
with mustard oil and dill, served with cold
Bangda Bharta (mackerel) £4.70
Grilled mackral shredded into pieces,
mixed with fresh herbs and spices and
served with chappati
Baingan -E- Bahar (V) £4.50
Baked aubergine steak mixed with cheese
and sesame seeds, served with
yoghurt sauce
Prawn Puri £4.50
Fried mildly spiced prawns served with puffy
Chatpatti Aloo (V) £4.00
Fresh new potatoes served with tamarind
Jaipur Whitebait £6.00
Whitebait dipped in slightly spiced rice
powder and red chilli flakes. Shallow
fried Jalpuri style
Zaafrani Platter £6.50
A combination of chicken, sheek kebab, fish
and vegetable samosa
King Prawn Butterfly £7.20
Slightly spicy king prawn, covered in
breadcrumbs and deep fried in butter
Vegetable Samosa (V) £4.20
Pastry triangles filled with spicy fresh
Tandoori Paneer (V) £5.50
Indian cheese grill with herbs & spice, green
pepper, onion & tomatoes
Zaafran Special Salad £3.90
Nariyal-ka-Gosht (N ) £12.50
Diced lamb cooked slowly in coconut milk,
tempered with mustard seeds and curry
leaf. Served with steamed rice
Murghabi Mussala £13.90
Grilled breast of duck served in a rich black
lentil sauce with crispy okra and
mushroom naan
Murgh Makhani £8.95
Diced cooked chicken cooked in fresh mint
and cream with tomato, flavoured with
fenugreek leaves
Jalpari (Monkfish) £15.50
Marinated in curry leaves, coriander, basil
and lime juice. Oven grilled and served with
Indian style pan fried potatoes
Tikka Machli (Sea Bass) £14.90
Pan fried sea bass on a bed of crispy spinach
served with a sauce of coconut, red chilli and
ground spices
Samundari Machli (Cod) £15.90
Roasted cod with black ink Upma-Indian
couscous, served with tomato, chilli and
yoghurt sauce
Nariyal Jhinga (N) £15.90
King prawns poached in coconut and lime
leaf sauce. served with steamed rice
Tandoori Jhinga £14.90
Tandoori king prawn, flavoured with chilli and
rosemary, frilled onions, green peppers and
tomatoes, served with coconut chutney
Nilgiri £9.50
A succulent dish of chicken or lamb
marinated in our secret coriander and mint
Lamb Shank £12.90
A special Goan recipe for a supreme piece of
lamb. A full-of-flavour dish cooked with red
wine, tomato and coriander - not to be missed
Murgh Masala £12.50
Tender piece of chicken breast stuffed with
minced lamb and spinach, cooked with fresh
cream and masala sauce. Served with pilau
Murgh Dhakeshwari (N) £12.50
Tender pieces of grilled chicken, marinated
with herbs, spices and ground almonds, very
mildly spiced. Garnished with mango pulp.
served with pilau rice
Chicken Tikka Masala (N) £8.90
Chicken tikka pieces cooked in butter, ground
almonds, fresh cream and our special masala
Machor Jhol (Monkfish) £12.90
A traditional Fish Curry cooked with special
fresh herbs and spices
Shaslick £9.90
Chicken or lamb marinated with fresh herbs
and spices, cooked over a clay oven with
green peppers, onions and tomatoes
Gosht Gulkhar (Beef) £13.50
Our chef’s choicest cut of beef and specialy
blended spices
Chef’s Special (Beef) £13.90
Specially prepared beef cooked with fresh
herbs and spices, green peppers, onions and

Tandoori Nazrane

Authentic tandoori recipes
Tandoori Murgh (Chicken) £7.50
Murgh Tikka (Chicken) £7.50
Kakori Tikka (Lamb) £7.90
Tandoori King Prawn £13.90
Sheek Kebab £7.50
Machli Tandoori (Trout) £9.50
Adraki Champen (Lamb chops) £9.00
Tandoori Mixed Grill £12.50

Tandoori chicken, chicken and lamb tikka, sheek kebab and naan

Tandoori Paneer (V) £8.50

Indian cheese grilled with herbs, spices, green pepper, onion & tomatoes

Akni (Biryani)

Authentic dishes cooked with Himalayan basmati rice in a sealed pot. Flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and rose water. Served with chef’s special sauce

Chicken (N) £8.90
Lamb (N) £9.30
King Prawn (N) £12.50
Vegetable (N)(V) £7.90


Authentic thali

Maharaja Feast £14.50

Combination of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, sheek kebab, lamb curry, mixed vegetable, pilau rice, raitha and naan

Maharani Feast (V) £12.50

Combination of creamy dal, chick peas with cheese, mixed vegetable, shabnum palak, samosa, onoin bhaji, pilau rice, raitha and naan

Navaratan Korma (N) £3.50
Very mild mixed vegetables
Niramish £3.40
Dry mixed vegetables
Shabnam Palek £3.50
Mushroom with spinach
Bombay Aloo £3.40
Gobi Phool £3.40
Gobi Aloo £3.40
Califlower with potatoes
Achaari Kadoo £3.40
Pickles pumpkin with onion and fennel seeds
Bhindi £3.40
Baingan £3.40
Khumb-E-Bahar £3.50
Channa Palak £3.50
Chick peas with spinach
Palak Aloo £3.50
Spinach with potatoes
Palak Paneer £3.90
Spinach with cheese
Channa Paneer £3.90
Chick peas with cheese
Aloo Paneer £3.90
Potatoes with cheese
Chana Dal £3.40
Onion Bhaji £3.40
The all time favourite!
Vegetable Tray £8.50
The chef’s choice of three vegetables


Fairly hot, spicy and sour

Chicken or Lamb £6.50
King Prawn £9.90


Very hot and sour dish with potatoes

Chicken or Lamb £6.50
King Prawn £9.90


A Parsee dish, hot, sweet and sour with lentils

Chicken or Lamb £7.50
King Prawn £10.50


Slightly spiced and dry, packed with flavour

Chicken or Lamb £7.50
King Prawn £10.50

Korma (N)

A mild dish cooked with cream and cocnut

Chicken or Lamb £7.90
King Prawn £11.50


Cooked with an array of spices, garnished
with fried onions

Chicken or Lamb £7.50


Slightly hot, sweet and sour flavour

Chicken or Lamb £7.90
King Prawn £11.50


Spinach cooked with fresh herbs and spices

Chicken or Lamb £7.90
King Prawn £11.90


Traditional village method of cooked with fresh herbs & spices

Chicken or Lamb £8.50
King Prawn £12.90

Balti Jalfrezi

Spicy dish, tomatoes, green peppers andonions

Chicken or Lamb £8.90
King Prawn £13.55

Rogan Josh

Marinated in herbs and spices, cooked with fresh tomatoes

Chicken or Lamb £7.50
All of these dishes can be prepared with prawn £8.50


Plain Naan £2.40
Kemma Naan £2.60

Bread stuffed with minced lamb

Khumbi Naan £2.70

Flavoured with mushraoom and truffle oil

Peshwari Naan (N) £ 2.60

Filled with almonds, coconut and raisins

Malai Naan £2.60

Filled with assorted cheese, onion and chillies

Garlic Naan £2.60

Lightly sprinkled with fresh garlic

Plain Paratha £2.30

Flaky wholewheat bread, pan fried

Pudina Paratha £2.60

Pan fried bread flavoured with mint leaves

Roti £1.40

Thick chappati


Steamed Basmati Rice £2.60
Pilau Rice £2.80
Lemon Rice £3.40
Mushroom Rice (N) £3.60
Egg Fried Rice £3.60
Special Fried Rice £3.60


Raitha £1.90

Cool whipped yoghurt with cucumber and onion

Pappadums £0.60
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